Fees and Prices

Fee Calculation

In general, a fee is determined based on the time of work spent on a case. Our hourly rates vary from 1,110 NOK net / 1,375 NOK incl. VAT to 2,100 NOK net / 2,625 NOK incl. VAT. An hourly rate depends on the complexity of a case and the work contributed by a solicitor or lawyer. Moreover, other costs incurred due to a case are added to a price, such as court fees, etc. In some cases, such as inheritance, marriage, transfer of title, etc., we offer our legal assistance at a fixed price.

Commission Contract

When we take a decision to accept an order, a Client receives a confirmation with the description of an order as well as a contract and detailed terms and conditions of cooperation.

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Insurance of Legal Protection Costs

Most people maintain property, car or boat insurance, etc. Such insurance usually includes a clause covering costs of legal protection. Therefore, if a dispute arises, any incurred costs may be reimbursed. The insurance of legal protection costs includes in general all types of cases other than those that are explicitly excluded in the insurance terms and conditions. The scope of insurance and costs it covers may differ depending on an insurance company and a type of insurance. If the insurance of legal protection costs is used, an insurer is obliged to pay a solicitor’s fee based on the received settlement of costs incurred in a case. The deductible within an insurance may be different for each insurance company (about 3-4 thousand crowns), in addition to max. 20% of other incurred costs. Hesselberg Law Firm handles all formal requirements involved in informing an insurance firm about the case and issues a bill directly to it. The deductible is withheld before a payment and is accounted for by the insurer or collected directly by the solicitor.

§ 36 of the Norwegian Act on Administrative Procedures (Forvaltningsloven)

If you have received an official decision and do not agree with its content, you are usually entitled to appeal against it. Hesselberg Law Firm may help you assess the decision and offer you advice whether to appeal against it. It is worth mentioning that if a decision is changed in favour of the appealing party, state authorities are obliged to cover any and all costs involved in the change of the decision. Hesselberg Law Firm always verifies if the costs incurred by the Client may be covered by the state budget. If you are not certain if you hold valid insurance or if your case is qualified for free legal assistance, please contact us – we look forward to helping you!

Free Legal Assistance

Legal aid offered free of charge is a part of the service where the state covers any costs necessary due to legal assistance in specific types of cases. Free legal assistance is available in the form of free-of-charge legal advice or legal representation. The income cap to obtain free legal aid is 246,000 crowns for singles and 369,000 crowns for couples or partners with shared finances. In some cases, free legal aid is due regardless of income or property. In other instances, aid may be given only after the verification of the financial standing of the Client. Examples of cases where the costs of legal aid are covered by the state include:

  • Cases that concern seeing children and parental custody and responsibility
  • Dissolving common law marriages / the division of property after separation
  • Termination of employment / reduction
  • Termination of lease agreement
  • Cases concerning social insurance
  • Cases for damages for persons harmed by crimes
  • Legal assistance for victims in penal cases